Pool of tranquillity

A light-filled interior with gentle acoustics makes this aquatic centre a great place to relax, train or compete

Indoor swimming pools can be noisy environments. Often located in big spaces, they can have unpleasant acoustics as sound reflects off hard surfaces, and many have harsh artificial lighting too. Humidity of up to 100 percent can also be a problem if not properly controlled.

So creating a comfortable pool demands close attention to detail and a careful choice of materials. When Bing Thom Architects designed the Guildford Aquatic centre in Surrey, British Columbia, their aim was to create a world-class facility with an inviting environment to match its innovative, modern aesthetic. Carefully placed glazing maximises the impact of sunlight, while specially selected materials provide reflective surfaces, spreading light throughout the interior. However, the secret behind the ambience is in the sound-absorbing ceiling panels which control the noise to pleasant levels.

ROCKWOOL stone wool products are integral to this bright, attractive facility. Rockfon Sonar® X and Rockfon Sonar® Activity ceiling tiles control sound and reflect light, while also helping manage humidity. And because stone wool is unaffected by mould growth, it helps maintain a healthy environment within the building.

Guildford Aquatic Centre, British Columbia, Canada

Project location

15105 105 Ave, Surrey,
BC V3R 7G8,

Guildford Aquatic Centre, Acoustic Capabilities

Guildford Aquatic Centre, Canada

“Although Rockfon’s products were new to us in North America, we reviewed its proven history and precedents on other pool projects in Europe. Rockfon’s ceiling panels met the project’s acoustic, light reflectance and atmospheric requirements, as well as the economic ones.”

Brian Woudstra

business development engineer at contractors StructureCraft

Project Data

Year 2015
Building Type Aquatic Centre
Application Ceiling panels
Product type Rockfon Sonar® X and Rockfon Sonar® Activity