Overcoming aircraft noise

Sound insulation is a must when you’re on a flight path

With around 33.3 million passengers in 2017, Berlin is Germany’s third-largest airport location. To cater for future capacity, a new international airport called Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is under construction.

Since the flight paths of the still unfinished airport are certain to affect local residents, many are making preparations to lower the effects of the increased noise pollution.

Four families from Berlin-Blankenfelde, which is only a few kilometres away from the runways of BER, approached a master roofer in the region, Hartmut Quappe, to explore ways to improve the sound insulation of their homes.

Soundproofing of their pitched roofs was top of the agenda. The master roofer proposed high density insulation boards made from ROCKWOOL stone wool. These provide confirmed on-site sound insulation of up to 52 dB, and in most cases, even higher values. 

With their newly insulated roofs in place, residents are now benefiting from much improved acoustic protection, which will lower aircraft noise from flights crossing just a few hundred metres overhead. In addition, the energy efficient rafter insulation system has provided excellent thermal insulation and has cut heating costs by up to 30%.

In the long term, these families have made a future-proof investment that will not only block out unwanted noise but add better energy performance, a pleasant year-round indoor climate and sustainability to their homes. And not least, they will sleep better despite living close to an airport.

Berlin, Germany

Project location

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

“From the airport Schönefeld, or passing cars, you hear almost nothing. And I’m also very confident for the upcoming BER air traffic. In the summer, a pleasant indoor climate prevails in our bedroom even at high outside temperatures. And last winter, the interior temperature was around 16°C without heating – just right for me to sleep.”

Annelies and Joachim

residents at Berlin-Blankenfelde

Project Data

Year 2017/2018
Building Type Single family houses
Application Roof Insulation
Product type Floorrock, Masterrock Plus, Klemmrock