Open and airy, yet quiet

Acoustics experts showcase noise reduction in their new office

Aercoustics Engineering chose to transform a 9,000 square feet former warehouse space into a modern, comfortable and attractive office environment. As an acoustical engineering firm, they wanted to improve the office acoustics while making a design statement to demonstrate their expertise in noise and vibration control.

Since the new office is part of a larger multi-tenant building, the challenge was to create a collaborative office space while ensuring sound privacy and acoustic comfort in meeting rooms and other areas.

Aercoustics Engineering specified Rockfon panels, which optimise acoustics by absorbing sound and have a premium appearance, which suited the office design perfectly. Rockfon panels provide a wide range of options, so different products could be chosen to achieve different goals in different areas of the office.

The panels now help to block and absorb sounds while the lightly textured, white surfaces reflect up to 85% of the available light and distribute natural light, which was perfect for the ceiling system. It means lower electric lighting requirements, and will save energy in the years to come.

Since the Rockfon panel range is made entirely from stone wool, it also delivers high thermal performance, excellent fire safety, and does not encourage mould or bacterial growth – thereby improving indoor air quality in the office and ensuring a healthier working environment.

The creation of a highly efficient, sound absorbing space has been achieved without compromising on aesthetics. Aercoustics Engineering now has a dynamic office environment that matches its culture and demonstrates its technical expertise to clients and visitors.

Ontario, Canada

Project location

Aercoustics Engineering

“We love our space. Rockfon products were one important part of the whole in achieving the overall performance and premium appearance. We’re excited that our office not only serves all who work here, but also works as a showcase for our clients to experience the power of acoustically optimised and well-designed spaces.”

Steve Titus

President and CEO at Aercoustics Engineering

Project Data

Year 2017
Building Type Office
Application Stone Wool Ceiling, Chicago Metallic Suspension System
Product type Rockfon Sonar, Rockfon Cinema Black, Rockfon Inifinity, Chicago Metallic