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When transitioning from four distribution centres to a newly-built one, the Dutch supermarket chain PLUS had an ambitious goal; to achieve the BREEAM-Outstanding certificate.  

The challenge

For PLUS, centralising distribution and replacing four centres with a newly  developed mega centre was an opportunity to think sustainability into every aspect of the construction. Built in the industrial area of Vorstengrafdonk, west of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and spread over more than nine hectares of land (that’s 19 soccer pitches!) the massive building is 30 metres in height and spans more than 46,000 m2. With 92 loading bays and a production capacity of 400,000 packages per day, the distribution centre serves 270 PLUS supermarkets all over the Netherlands. Creating more sustainable distribution is clearly better for business and the environment, but storing all supplies in one location brings new risks and concerns.

An added risk was the fact that the roof would be covered in 11,000 solar panels to produce clean energy onsite. A recent study completed by the University of Edinburgh highlighted that solar panels can act as an ignition source for flat roof fires as well as adding to the fire load, increasing the fire spread and intensity.

We’re going from four distribution centres to just one. So fire safety must be at the highest level so that we do not run any risk in that respect.

Tinie Dorresteijn

Property Management Manager at PLUS Retail
The recyclability of ROCKWOOL insulation is a clear advantage

Tinie Dorresteijn

Property management manager at PLUS Retail
As far as stone wool insulation is concerned, we only work with ROCKWOOL

Erwin van Os

Director at Hollanddak
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