It may resemble a futuristic spacecraft, but the stunning VTB Arena has taken great care to preserve its ties to history. The reconstructed and refurbished home of FC Dynamo Moscow, one of Russia’s most famous soccer clubs, is built on top of the original 1928 stadium’s perimeter wall, with a statue of legendary goalkeeper, Lev Yashin, gracing the main entrance.

The stadium is part of the spectacular project referred to as VTB Arena Park. Spanning 300,000 m2, the project also includes the Dynamo hockey rink as well as a park, shopping and entertainment centre, office and apartment buildings, five-star hotel, and an underground car park with 1,600 spaces.

The challenge

Located just five km from the Kremlin, the project’s size and prestige meant that it received a lot of public attention – not least because the stadium belongs to the legendary football club, Dynamo Moscow. The historic stadium walls were preserved as part of the reconstruction, with many die-hard fans eagerly awaiting the final result, so there was no room for mistakes!

The goal of the project was to combine sports, entertainment, commercial and residential facilities in a unique location within the historical green area at the very heart of Moscow. Its very nature means that people – their comfort and safety – was key to its success. Only the best materials were considered for the construction – and fire safety, energy efficiency, thermal insulation and noise reduction was high on the list of the owners’ priorities.
And unsurprisingly, considering massive size and prominent location of the project, time was a critical factor

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Moscow, Russia

Project location

VTB Arena park


The solution

Sergey Kuznetsov, the current Chief Architect of Moscow, was managing partner of the architectural association, SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov, who looked after the general design of the project. For a prize-winning development praised for its contemporary and innovative approach, what better than using prize-winning insulation, also famed for modern innovation. A match made in heaven!

ROCKWOOL’s dual density products were key in clinching the deal. Time was of utmost importance and installation time is slashed by 50 percent when
using dual density products. As a primary supplier, ROCKWOOL has a variety of its stone wool products installed across all VTB Arena Park spaces. This includes more than 130,000 m2 of several types of stone wool insulation in the floors, walls and roof. Not only that, but 70,000 m2 of stone wool technical insulation cover the heating pipes and ductwork, ensuring the building’s utility infrastructure is fire safe and that precious heat is preserved to keep visitors warm throughout Russia’s cold winters.

The VTB Arena park project has breathed new life into the area, and ROCKWOOL is proud to be part of this exceptional project that brings entertainment, comfort and safety to city revellers in Moscow.

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Dual density technology

ROCKWOOL uses a special manufacturing process to create dual density products. Consisting of a high-density outer layer and a lower-density sub-layer, this technology brings extra benefits to many of the ROCKWOOL products; including flat roof insulation, ETICS and ventilated façade insulation products. Dual density products are exceptionally strong, with a firm and robust surface that is balanced by a less dense, more flexible underside that can better adapt to unevenness in the substrate. Dual density technology provides compressive resistance, excellent sound absorbency and many other benefits for different applications.

"If you look at the diversity of the spaces in this complex, combined with the millions of people expected to use them each year, helping the owners achieve a high level of fire safety, energy efficiency and comfort is quite rewarding, especially for such an important project like this.”

Marina Potoker

Managing Director, ROCKWOOL Russia.

Project Data

Year 2019
Building Type Stadium, hospitality, residential, office and commercial spaces
Application GBI, ETICS, FRI, ITI, Acoustics
Product type Venti Batts, Facade Batts, Roof Batts, Acoustic Batts, Floor Batts