Welcoming trainees, architects and engineers since 1927, the Federal Education Centre for Carpenters and Finishing Trades in Gladbeck, Kassel helps preserve interest in timber construction – both traditional and modern – in Germany.  The sprawling facility spreads over 13,000 m2, with learning taking place in workshops, training and seminar rooms. The bulk of the centre’s expansion took place during the 1980s.

The challenge

With a goal to improve energy efficiency, most of the facility was renovated during 2017/2018. Responsibility for the roof areas fell to the local craftsmen from Kühne GmbH, and to master roofer, Dirk Flörke.

"The Federal Education Centre has been expanded again and again. New buildings have been constructed and extensions added over time,” explains Dirk Flörke. “So for us, it wasn’t about upgrading the roof structure of a homogeneous building complex, but about processing many different roof structures and geometries. That’s what made our job tricky and exciting at the same time.”

In total, 36 individual roof areas covering around 5,500 m2 needed refurbishment and modern insulation installed. Even removing the old roof coverings was challenging, as many used asbestos corrugated sheets that needed to be dismantled and disposed of properly. And to add to the complexity of the project, the refurbishment needed to take place during term time when school was running.

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Kassel, Germany

Project location



The solution

The diversity of different roof shapes and structures meant that ROCKWOOL Meisterdach – a flexible and high-performing stone wool insulation system – was the perfect choice for the project. Not only would the roof insulation help minimise heat loss and reduce heating bills for the Centre, the stone wool would also secure fire and sound protection – both important benefits for a school environment.

The first step involved installing a ROCKWOOL vapour barrier followed by non-combustible and pressure-resistant stone wool boards. As these boards came with a factory-applied water tight membrane on the outer surface, they provided an almost instant weather protection – which resulted in being very useful as the weather was particularly wet during the renovation period!

The team installed counter battens on top of the insulation layer, followed by Eternit panels. The entire roof structure was safely anchored with 300 mm long-thrust screws, screwed in at an angle of 90°, and 320 mm long-suction screws at a 60° angle. Kühne GmbH relied on expertise from ROCKWOOL’s technical service to make the complex static calculation for the screws.

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Roof insulation

A sure way to increase the energy efficiency of residential and commercial properties is by installing effective roof insulation.

Whether it’s reducing heat loss in winter time or keeping cool in summer, increasing the energy efficiency of a building can reduce bills and operational costs.

ROCKWOOL supplies a variety of insulation products for flat or pitched roof applications – all based on premium stone wool to keep your properties safe and the indoor environment comfortable.


Easy insulation for an intricate installation

For Flörke and the team from Kühne GmbH, the fact that the ROCKWOOL insulation material is easy to cut and prepare proved to be a substantial benefit. They needed to follow the varied geometry of the roof structures and navigate difficult connection areas. The shed roofs above the workshop halls were particularly demanding, requiring experience and a professional eye with an accurate sense of proportion to cut the insulation panels precisely. So it was relief for the team that they could cut and shape the stone wool to fit perfectly with the roof structure, avoiding air gaps and any possible errors.

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Why do we need roof insulation?

Effective insulation in homes and commercial properties can reduce heating requirements by up to 70 percent! And those that are not insulated properly can lose approximately a quarter of the heat through the roof.

Heating and cooling accounts for 35-60 percent of the energy demand in buildings. So the energy savings quickly surpass the cost involved in insulating the roof.

Educating on the job!

The roof renovation work also served as a compelling visual aid for the students attending the Centre – and they gained unique and concrete understanding of ​​what is needed in such a large-scale renovation project.

“It wasn’t just the new generation of  roofers that were interested – almost every student enjoyed an educational visit to the roofs in the course of the project,” said Helmhard Neuenhagen, Managing Director and Head of the Federal Education Centre. “The work of the team from Kühne GmbH interested almost every student. That is why we made sure that they could experience their work up close.”  

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"The insulation on top of the rafters was the perfect solution for us. In addition, the use of non-combustible insulating materials was part of the fire protection concept."

Helmhard Neuenhagen

Managing Director and Head of the Federal Education Centre

Project Data

Year 2017/2018
Building Type Education Centre
Application Roof Insulation
Product type ROCKWOOL Meisterdach