Watered by the Bièvre, a tributary of the Seine, the town of Antony is located 11 km outside the centre of Paris. When aging residential towers located on the hills needed refurbishment, it proved to be a chance to improve the look and general attractiveness of the area. Not only could this renovation improve the outdated look of the buildings, non-combustible stone wool could also improve their safety and comfort. 

The challenge

Many architects face the challenge of creating buildings that ensure optimum fire safety and increase comfort – but that also meet their design dreams. There are many ways to comply with safety and building regulations, but what’s the best option when if you don’t want to compromise on design?

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Paris, France

Project location

Bièvre towers


The solution

Irèna Morawiec, from Architecte Associée Groupe, Arcane Architectes, was tasked with designing the upgrade of the Bièvre towers. Located on the hills in the leafy Parisian suburb of Anthony, she was asked to dramatically improve the look of the building as part of the refurbishment. Their prominent location in the town meant that their look affected the appeal of the area. Due to the fact that they are residential towers, the moment Morawiec saw their height and number of windows, she realised that fire safety would also play a large part in their renovation. After careful research, she discovered that innovative façade cladding and insulation could make big difference to both the safety and the appearance of the buildings.

“After we had done our research very thoroughly, we decided to choose a combination of stone wool insulation from ROCKWOOL and Rockpanel Woods and Colours for the façade cladding,” explains Irèna Morawiec.

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Rockpanel Woods

A new way to give your building a natural and harmonious look, boards from Rockpanel Woods are manufactured through a careful and innovative production process to look just like real wood.

This product combines the properties of wood and stone to create an unique panel that offers the authentic look and workability of wood with the durability, robustness and fire resilience of stone. The boards are sustainable and very low-maintenance, with a gorgeous wood look that doesn’t rot or burn.

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"Rockpanel Woods look so much like real wood. I find it absolutely astonishing.”

Irèna Morawiec

Architecte Associée Groupe, Arcane Architectes

Project Data

Year 2019
Building Type Multi-unit housing
Application Insulation, façade cladding on the walls
Product type Rockwool, Rockpanel Woods, Rockpanel Colours