Life cycle assessment

How we monitor our environmental performance

LCA is a methodology used to assess and quantify the environmental impacts, resource and energy use throughout our products’ lifecycle, from the extraction of raw materials to our products’ end of life. 

An infographic of life cycle assessment at ROCKWOOL.
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Why is LCA important for ROCKWOOL?

Sustainability plays a pivotal role in our decision making at ROCKWOOL. We use LCA to make decisions and assess different options for our future development and our commitment to sustainability. By quantifying our performance in environmental terms, we can identify the areas that we could focus on in the future and improve our weak points. We systematically assess the performance of all our products in our diverse portfolio by performing cradle to grave LCAs. Also, it allows us to be transparent to our customers about the sustainability of the products we provide.

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Environmental product declaration (EPD)

What is an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)?

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a document that summarises information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. It is a bit like the nutritional label on food, except this declaration indicates the potential impact on the environment in three basic categories: environmental impacts, resource and energy use, and waste.

All of ROCKWOOL’s EPDs follow European and International Standards (EN 15804, ISO 14025 for EPD, ISO 14040 (part 1 & 2) and ISO 14044, ISO 21930).

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Why are EPDs important?

EPDs are important because they increase the customers’ awareness towards the most vital environmental attributes of ROCKWOOL products. EPDs are also used as input in LCA building assessments to optimise, for example, a building design. LCA of buildings are required in many countries for public procurement and new building permits while the acquisition of the EPD provides credits to sustainable building rating schemes. At ROCKWOOL, we make sure to disclose this information to clients to help them design better buildings and earn sustainable building credits.

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Michael Zarin, Vice President, Group Communications

Michael Zarin

Vice President, Group Communications, Denmark