ROCKWOOL’s energy-saving Rockzero nominated for climate prize

January 14, 2020

Developed to meet nearly-zero energy building (nzeb) standards, the Rockzero wall system is up for the Energy Prize at Denmark’s ‘Byggeri ‘20’ construction fair.

A Rockzero house in Denmark

ROCKWOOL’s modular stone wool wall system, Rockzero, is among the nominees for climate prizes at this year’s Byggeri ‘20 construction fair in Denmark.

Presented by Danske Byggecentre (Danish Building Centre), the annual prizes are awarded in the areas of climate, energy, environment and work environment to promote the development of building products with better energy and environmental properties.

Rockzero is a complete stone wool wall system that can be custom designed for each project using Building Information Modeling. It is nominated for the Building Energy Prize, given to energy-saving building materials and components that can, among other things, document significant energy savings.

Winners will be revealed when the climate awards are presented at Byggeri ‘20 on March 11.

“It’s great to get this kind of recognition from a cross-section of the construction market in Denmark. With the development of Rockzero we saw an opportunity to make a product that meets the most demanding sustainability needs of society and the customer in terms of fire safety, energy efficiency, aesthetics and comfort but then also improves upon the building process without requiring craftsmen to learn new building methods,” says Mirella Vitale, Senior Vice President, ROCKWOOL Group.  

Unlike other light frame constructions that use steel or wood for load bearing beams in the exterior wall, Rockzero integrates non-combustible stone wool insulation into the structural elements, providing a highly energy-efficient design free of cold bridges.

Slim walls, 27% less energy needed

Rockzero enables a building to meet the best European standard for a nearly-Zero Energy Building (nZEB) while its slim walls allow architects and designers to make design choices they prefer.

In Denmark, building regulations require that a 140m2 house built in 2018 consume no more energy than 37 kWh/m2/year. With Rockzero, the same house will only need 27 kWh/m2/year, which corresponds to energy saving of more than 27 percent improvement in energy performance.