Report: European climate and social objectives hinge on sustainable buildings

June 17, 2019

No climate, energy, circularity or health-related objective can be achieved without improving Europe’s buildings. A new report provides a plan for Europe’s leaders to make it happen.

As the EU’s leaders begin to discuss an overall agenda for the next five years, a new report from the European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA) makes it clear that the paths to key social and climate goals are linked to the continent’s building stock.

Buildings are responsible for 40 percent of the EU’s energy usage, 36 percent of CO2 emissions and use half of all extracted materials, so the challenges and opportunities that the continent (and the world) faces with climate and society are closely linked to buildings,” says Anthony Abbotts, Director, Group Sustainability, ROCKWOOL Group. 

With deep renovation of existing buildings and a shift to sustainable, circular building methods, we can bring significant benefits well beyond energy savings. To succeed will require a coordinated effort from all stakeholders. With this paper we have together with EURIMA identified key actions for the new EU policymakers that will help deliver climate goals and benefits to society by improving Europe’s buildings.” 

Go to the report: "Better Buildings for a Better Future".