ROCKWOOL selected to join 50 Climate Leaders Campaign

November 25, 2019

To inspire and encourage other companies to take climate action, the campaign will feature a series of 50 short films about 50 companies and their positive actions against climate change.

Through the 50 Climate Leaders project, ROCKWOOL has been invited to be among 50 companies profiled in a series of documentary films hosted and distributed by Bloomberg. The films, featuring other global brands such as Oracle, Panasonic and Siemens, show how businesses are taking climate leadership and action within their company, supply chains and the communities they serve.

“It’s an honour for ROCKWOOL to be a part of this initiative and to be able to share how our business and products are contributing to climate action. We take great pride in what we do and the impact our products have on society. I hope people are inspired and encouraged by our film and the others,” says Mirella Vitale, Senior Vice President, ROCKWOOL Group.

Using a range of examples from different industries, the 50 Climate Leaders films emphasize why climate action is better for business and society and that the challenges we face are also opportunities to make significant socio-economic progress.

The biggest opportunity for ROCKWOOL is in buildings—primarily helping to make them more energy efficient, while also contributing to a more circular building sector with less resource consumption and waste.

Buildings account for 30 percent of global energy use and 28 percent of emissions. At the same time, the building sector contributes one-third of global waste and consumes almost half of extracted resources each year.

ROCKWOOL's stone wool insulation greatly improves the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing heating needs by up to 70 percent. At the same time, ROCKWOOL products are natural (made from basalt rock), reusable and can be recycled repeatedly, helping improve the circularity in the building sector, which contributes one-third of global waste and consumes almost half of extracted resources each year.

“The fact is, most of the technology, knowledge and products we need to bring us to the 2050 vision of a decarbonized society already exist. Our products are one example, there are many more in the films. What’s exciting and imperative is ensuring that we use what we have to make the changes we can now,” says Mirella Vitale.

To go to the 50 Climate Leaders page, click here.