ROCKWOOL Group launches new digital presence

November 20, 2017

Revolutionising how we engage online with our stakeholders.

The new website delivers personalised interaction that’s both data-driven and user-focused. Content is delivered to website users based on their individual searches rather than navigating from a predefined menu, making the online experience responsive to the user’s own needs and interests.

Individually-tailored engagement

ROCKWOOL recognises the benefit of helping people find the information they’re seeking - quickly, efficiently and through individually-tailored engagement. So is designed entirely from a user’s perspective and with deep insights into customers’ and other stakeholders’ needs. It leverages advanced site personalisation, intelligent search and chatbot technology to make using it a customised, relevant and useful experience.

Old versus new web presence

In the past, when an architect researched fire safety, for example, he or she needed to know the names of specific products or navigate to that information from a top-bar menu. Now, a simple search on fire safety, combined with the platform’s user identity recognition capabilities, will efficiently lead an architect to increasingly personalised and tailored information.

Ambitious digital strategy

Our new web site represents the Group’s first major step in an ambitious digital strategy to revolutionise customer engagement in the construction sector. When fully rolled out, the platform will gather ROCKWOOL Group’s existing websites and six million annual visits across all product lines and countries in one digital universe: the world of ROCKWOOL. During 2018, we will continue the global rollout, across the entire Group.

For this platform ROCKWOOL partnered with Vertic, a Copenhagen and New York-based digital agency with expertise in developing platforms for other world-leading companies.