Off-grid sanitation becomes possible with Lapinus solution in South Africa

March 22, 2017

Most people enjoy having the opportunity to spend time in nature amidst beautiful surroundings. One challenge of living in and enjoying these treasured places is that people often inadvertently pollute their surroundings and in doing so, prevent future generations from experiencing the nature we cherish so much today. This is especially the case in remote areas where connection to central waste treatment is not possible.

Garbage can be transported back to more populated areas where it can be disposed of, but waste water poses a different challenge. If not treated properly, waste water can have long-lasting, negative impact on an area’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

The BIOROCK system can be used to clean domestic waste water using stone wool from Lapinus. The system has been installed in hundreds of off-grid locations around the world. It works silently without the need for external electricity and requires minimal maintenance. The cleaned water can be discharged to the surroundings without having a negative impact on the environment. This solution opens up new possibilities to bring sanitation to even the most remote places so people can experience the joys of nature while at the same time preserving it.

In South Africa, the BIOROCK system was used to clean the waste water of a holiday house where people stay to unwind and enjoy the serene, pristine coastal surroundings.

Key figures:

  • Up to 99% cleaning efficiency[1]
  • As the system is passive, it is completely Silent


[1] ( The complete BIOROCK systems (Primary Tank + Bioreactor) are tested for biological efficiency at the PIA in Aachen in Germany and Certipro In Belgium.

Treatment efficiency

  • BOD5: 98.7 %  (4 mg/l)   (DdK: Biological Oxygen Deficiency = how much organics are taken out)
  • COD:   96.3 %  (26 mg/l) (DdK: Chemical Oxygen Deficiency = Same as above, different way of measuring)
  • SS:     99.3 %  (3 mg/l)   (DdK: Suspended Solids = How much of the fine particles are removed = How clear is the water)