Turning stone into remarkable products

Transforming natural resources into high-quality stone wool products puts you at the center of what makes ROCKWOOL successful in its industry. In our technologically advanced production environment, you work closely with skilled colleagues who all strive to improve and optimize our manufacturing processes. You are offered the opportunity to work in an organization that offers good job security which cares about its employees and has a people-driven culture. 

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A culture made of skill and passion

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"Teamwork is a key element of ROCKWOOL's culture. We are all over the world, and if there are any changes globally we have our local employees to help and guide us."

Poondecha Aoluknua is Production Manager in Rayong, Thailand

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Testimonial - Poondecha Aoluknua

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"Currently, I am working on Operational Readiness. The opportunity to help build a factory, its culture and team is something few people get to be a part of and the responsibility of that is not lost on me and helps inspire me. Knowing the decisions I make about training and hiring can have a lasting impact on this factory greatly influence the work I do here."

Katie Osantowske is Area Lead in the United States

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Testimonial - Katie Osantowske

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