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Together with your team, you will drive organizational performance by supporting leaders and their teams to deliver on business goals, thrive and grow. You play a key role in ensuring we build the right capabilities and encourage behaviors that support a high engagement level throughout the organization. In any role you pursue within the HR field, you will face opportunities that demand your skill, dedication and integrity and provide you with personal and professional development. You will be part of making ROCKWOOL an attractive and sustainable employer – for both existing and future employees. 

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"I am part of Rockfon and it is very family friendly. Everyone has worked side by side for 20-30 years so there is a huge commitment to each other both inside and outside the office. I have the influence of being part of a Danish brand as well which made it unique. Depending on what part of ROCKWOOL you are in, you get different flavors. The biggest denominator is the closeness."

Aderonke Adedokun is HR Manager in the United States

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Testimonial - Aderonke Adedokun

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