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As part of our team, you will be operating at the core of our business, where your financial skills will lead to better decision-making throughout the entire value chain. Together, we make our business run smoothly and contribute to our company’s development and growth. Within your field, you can work on a variety of assignments with a high level of responsibility – from reporting and analyzing business performance to ensuring bills are paid. You will be exposed to projects that develop your skills and allow you to progress your career.

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"I like the trust that is given to me. I am close to the management team and do a lot of work that is involved in the daily strategy of ROCKWOOL. It feels like people trust you to do a good foundation of work that is used to make big decisions in the company. Senior management has a lot of trust in mid-level management. No one looks over your shoulder and your ideas are used in higher level decision making."

Jan Emil Weirum is Sales Controller in Canada

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Testimonial - Jan Emil Weirum

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