Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is a critical element of any fire safety strategy, always at work but often unseen. Part of a building’s fabric, passive fire protection systems protect structural elements and limit the spread of fire and smoke by containing it within building compartments.

Our extensive ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® range provides access to a comprehensive suite of passive fire protection products and certified solutions for all applications. The FIREPRO® range has been designed to afford firestopping and fire resistance performance that continues to deliver throughout a building’s construction and lifespan.

To support you in specifying and installing ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® products, we have prepared a suite of resources suitable for all passive fire protection stakeholders…

Access the new and improved ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Book

The latest version of the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Book contains product information, performance advice and installation guidance for all of our passive fire protection solutions. Covering applications including structural protection, cavity firestops and building services protection, the FIREPRO® Book brings together all the info that you need to specify for firestopping and fire resistance.

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The ROCKWOOL Firestopping Standard Details pack

The ROCKWOOL Firestopping Standard Details pack provides in-depth guidance on the performance parameters of our passive fire protection products according to certified installations and applications.

In its interactive format, the Firestopping Standard Details pack is easy to navigate, with each drawing linked directly from the contents page.

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