Cold pipe insulation can be installed around drinking and chilled water pipes, as well as air conditioning and outdoor wastewater piping. This helps to prevent water and air being transported at low temperatures from heating up. 

ROCKWOOL solutions can help your construction or renovation project maintain a comfortable indoor environment, delivering cool drinking water and air to those living and working inside while increasing energy efficiency.

The ROCKWOOL HVAC insulation range includes products which assist in keeping temperatures comfortable and stable and provide thermal performance for the lifetime of the building.

Learn more about the products we offer and how they can deliver optimal performance for your project.

Cold Pipe Insulation Products

Why do we need cold pipe insulation?

Insulation for cold piping can help to keep pipes that transport cool air and drinking water at their desired low temperature.

When these pipes travel through hot areas of a construction with little or no protection, the contents inside can soon warm up. This is especially true during intense periods of warm weather or in the hottest climates, when they are needed the most. Such temperature increases impair their effectiveness. 

By installing effective insulation, less money needs to be spent powering air conditioning, cold water and ventilation in a building, in order to cool down its occupants. 

It also helps minimise the carbon footprint of a construction, creating an environmentally friendly way of maintaining a healthy indoor climate.

Calculator and savings

Adding effective insulation around cold pipes can result in significant energy savings. This is because it acts to lower the amount needed to cool businesses, properties and operations, providing a cost-effective way to cut carbon emissions caused by excess cooling1.

For our HVAC RockLap range, we have also created an easy to use calculator tool for working out the required insulation thickness.

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Installing our solutions to prevent piping from heating up can provide one of the best returns on investment, especially when trying to reduce building energy costs and carbon footprints.

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ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager
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Thickness of ROCKWOOL Insulation

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Financial support

Check the Energy Savings Trust website to see whether there are any financial support schemes available for cold pipe insulation.

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