Selecting ROCKWOOL solutions

The guide features ROCKWOOL stone wool products, such as NyRock® Rainscreen 032 and NyRock® Frame Slab 032, which are purpose-designed for ventilated rainscreen applications. With fire resistance designed into ROCKWOOL roof board products, details of ROCKWOOL flat roof solutions - such as HARDROCK® Multi-Fix - are also included.

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Showcasing best practice

Featured in the guide are a set of case studies which demonstrate best practices for selecting and installing ROCKWOOL solutions for recladding projects. Covering works at Streamlight Tower and Dan Court, these case studies exemplify the benefits of stone wool insulation and how ROCKWOOL’s dedicated recladding support improves project outcomes.

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Contact our specialists

The guide will help you to identify local specification teams to ensure fast and relevant project advice. ROCKWOOL has a dedicated recladding team in place, reinforcing the company’s commitment to supporting the industry with the remedial action needed to address fire safety and other issues for buildings in the UK which fall short of required standards

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Download your digital copy

To download your free copy of the Recladding with ROCKWOOL Guide, please complete the short form below. It’s important that we’re able to contact you when the guide is updated, to make sure you always have access to the latest product literature and guidance.

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