Creating buildings that are safe and sound

Acoustics is a fundamental element in any building design. Whether it’s to create a sound learning environment for education, a calm space in healthcare, a peaceful home to live in, or to prevent building operations causing a disturbance.

Minimising sound transfer and controlling reverberation are not only key for regulation compliance, they are also central to delivering buildings that are fit for purpose.

This resource hub brings all our specialist acoustics resources into a single place, helping you to better understand the role of building acoustics – and how ROCKWOOL non-combustible stone wool insulation can be used to renovate or construct buildings that are safe as well as sound.


Use the ROCKWOOL Red Book to further develop your understanding of acoustic principles in building design and navigating the relevant acoustic building regulations in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Backed by acoustic test data, use the ROCKWOOL Red Book to determine the ROCKWOOL insulation that will deliver the sound reduction and control that you need.

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Building Regulations

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Virtual Demonstration

Visit the ROCKWOOL sound pod on our virtual stand to literally hear the difference that our non-combustible stone wool insulation can make to reducing noise.

ROCKWOOL UK Virtual Stand, Sound Pod