The specification of flat roof insulation has traditionally been driven by thermal performance. Now, ever increasing demands are being placed on flat roofs which create a greater fire risk. While they have long housed plant and machinery, the use of roof space has continued to evolve with an increasing number of solar panel installations helping to meet sustainable energy targets; and the creation of green and blue roofs, facilitating rainwater management.

Even where flat roofs are not used for any other purpose than to make the building watertight, they still commonly bring the challenge of preventing rain noise from travelling into the building space below.

For specifiers and installers, the flat roof now presents a complex design that must balance multiple, and sometimes conflicting, performance demands.

The ROCKWOOL Flat Roof Resource Hub aims to support the specification and installation of flat roof insulation by providing access to a suite of resources, guides and information that help to navigate through the whole construction process.

Technical Bulletin: Fire Classification of Bonded Insulation Materials

This new ROCKWOOL Technical Bulletin is designed to support specifiers and contractors with compliance for bonded construction materials and composite products, especially those applied to construction elements attached to the façade such as upstands, balconies and terraces.

These elements fall within the ban on combustible materials in the external walls of relevant buildings over 18m*. The technical bulletin covers and clarifies:

  • Application-specific details of the 2018 ban on combustible materials
  • Euroclass reaction-to-fire classifications
  • Euroclass implications for bonded insulation materials and composite products

* In England, Approved Document B provides new guidance on residential buildings over 11m. Separate rules apply for buildings in Scotland over 11m.

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Flat Roof Acoustic Reference Guide

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Whitepaper: Functional Fifth Facade

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Whitepaper : Managing Fire Risk in Flat Roofs


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