Given the diverse range of applications for modern flat roofs, specifiers are faced with the challenge of balancing performance criteria, regulation compliance and design targets. To simplify the specification of flat roof insulation, ROCKWOOL has launched a new Flat Roof Zoning Tool. 

This online Flat Roof Zoning Tool helps specifiers optimise insulation design by zoning flat roofs according to how each area will be used. 

Using the Flat Roof Zoning Tool, specifiers can detail the following: 

  • Rain noise performance (BB93)
  • Airborne noise reduction
  • Thermal performance 
  • Product mechanical strength

The tool then calculates the ROCKWOOL insulation required to achieve the required performance in each roof zone. As a time saving tool, these results can easily be exported to support wider design and specification plans or returned to at a later date for adjustments.