Our high-tech production process uses filters, pre-heaters, after-burners and other cleaning and collection systems to ensure an environmentally responsible approach. Our approach is supported by a number of external environmental accreditations.



Carbon verified assurance mark

ROCKWOOL Ltd reports the number of tonnes of carbon dioxide it releases on an annual basis as part of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

These figures are verified by an independent, UKAS accredited company – Lucideon (previously CICS). As such, ROCKWOOL Ltd is proud to display the “Carbon Verified” assurance mark, which reflects the accuracy and reliability of our data.


Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2015

There is a focus on continuous improvement so we set stretching targets to reduce raw material use and process emissions and improve year on year.

ROCKWOOL UK has an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001:2015 covering the production process, which creates a framework to put sustainability at the heart of our business by managing the immediate and long term environmental impacts of our products.


Raw materials - ISO 14001:2015

As part of our Environmental Management System we source our materials from environmentally like minded companies.

ROCKWOOL UK supplier Northstone (NI) Limited is certified to ISO 14001:2015 covering their production processes of our raw material in line with the sustainability processes at the heart of our business.


Energy Management System – ISO 50001

ROCKWOOL UK has an Energy Management System certified to ISO 50001, which creates a framework for us to reduce our energy usage.

Alongside the implementation of ISO 50001, we have invested in real-time data displays and operator training so factory staff can identify where energy may be wasted and take action.


Green compass recycling accreditation

Virtually all of our production waste is recycled.

Additionally, ROCKWOOL Ltd is an accredited member of the Green Compass Scheme which aims to ensure that at least 90% of the waste generated by the construction and demolition sectors in Wales will be re-used or recycled. ROCKWOOL Ltd actively supports this target through our Rockcycle scheme. All material returned to site is guaranteed to be used to make new products; none of it is sent to landfill.


Driving decarbonisation

ROCKWOOL UK is working to drive forward decarbonisation in industry and the built environment.

As a founder member of the South Wales Industrial Cluster, we have been working in collaboration with other industries to develop a roadmap for regional industrial decarbonisation. We have supported the start up of Net Zero Industry Wales which will take forward the work of the cluster plans and act as the collective voice of industry in Wales with UK and Welsh Government. ROCKWOOL UK is also a partner of the UK Green Building Council’s Advancing Net Zero programme, which is leading the UK’s transition to a net zero built environment by defining, enabling, implementing and advocating for progressive policy interventions to drive and raise performance across the whole of the sector.