General ROCKWOOL Insulation FAQs

What is ROCKWOOL insulation and how is it made?
What is the difference between stone wool and other types of insulation?
If ROCKWOOL insulation is made of stone, will it be heavier than other types of insulation?
Will ROCKWOOL insulation attract rodents or mould?
Is ROCKWOOL a glass wool insulation?
Why is ROCKWOOL is itchy?
I’m worried about the fibres from ROCKWOOL products. Will these harm me if I breathe them in?
What is the difference between stone wool and other types of home insulation?

Product Performance FAQs

Product Performance
Product Performance

Product Performance

Do you have BBA certification for your products?
Do you have a guarantee for your products?
Do ROCKWOOL have certificates demonstrating that there is a certified EMS (e.g. ISO 14001 certificates) for the product manufacture and also for any quarried or mined mineral over 20% of input?

ROCKWOOL Products Comparison FAQs

Can I use my Sound Insulation slab for a thermal application or do I need to buy the Thermal slab?
Can I use Sound Slab in a thermal application?
What is the difference between Sound Slab, Flexi and RWA45?

Installation FAQs

General Questions
General Questions
Roofs and Lofts
Floors and Ceilings
Fire Protection and Fire Stopping

General Questions

Can I double layer ROCKWOOL products?
How do I cut ROCKWOOL?
Do I need to wear any protective clothing to fit ROCKWOOL insulation in my loft?
Can I use ROCKWOOL insulation with electrical wires and cables?

Application FAQs

Floors and Ceilings
Roofs and Lofts
Fire Protection and Fire Stopping


I have a masonry cavity wall. Will blowing insulation within the cavity reduce the noise from next door?
Which type of cavity wall insulation is best?
Is my house suitable for cavity wall insulation?
How can I prevent fire entering a cavity wall around window and door openings and subsequently spreading throughout the building envelope?
Which ROCKWOOL external wall systems can be used to insulate facades, and improve older housing?

ROCKWOOL Insulation Density FAQs

What density is ROCKWOOL insulation?
Can I specify an insulation product by density?
Do you have a product with a minimum density of 10kg/m3?

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Packed full of product information, building regulation compliance criteria and installation advice, the must-have manual tells you everything you need to know about our non-combustible stone wool insulation.

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