Products and Systems

Cavity Solutions

ROCKWOOL® Cavity Wall insulation is a semi-rigid, full-fill insulation solution for masonry cavity wall construction. This makes it suitable for use in new builds and extensions.

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Cladding Solutions

View the range of ROCKWOOL cladding insulation products. ROCKWOOL cladding solutions offer lightweight thermal, fire and acoustic cladding insulation suitable for external wall and roof applications.

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Flat Roof Solutions

Dedicated flatroof insulation products from ROCKWOOL, including HARDROCK and infills. Browse the full range on our website today.

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Floor Solutions

The ROCKWOOL floor solutions product range is industry leading. Browse our ranges and products for your floor insulation project.

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Roll Products

ROCKWOOL insulation roll products are made from stone wool and come in the form of insulation rolls. They can be used in a variety of applications including walls, floors and roofs.

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Slab Range

The ROCKWOOL Slab Insulation range can be used in multiple applications including floors, walls and roofs. They achieve Euroclass A1 standard for the general building market.

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Fire Protection Solutions

Fire protection solutions and products from ROCKWOOL, specifically designed and developed for effectiveness in reducing the impact of fire.

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HVAC Range

The ROCKWOOL HVAC range is specifically created for heating, ventilation and air conditioning contexts. View the range online today.

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Trade Insulation Range

The ROCKWOOL Trade Insulation range is designed, packaged and distributed specifically for trade customers. See the range here.

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Pitched Roof Solutions

ROCKWOOL pitched roof insulation is installed between and over rafters. Pitched roof insulation delivers additional peace of mind through additional advantages of sound protection and exceptional fire resistance.

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NyRock® Solutions

NyRock technology is an evolution in stone wool composition that delivers the lowest lambda stone wool insulation available in the UK.

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