Uninsulated buildings may lose up to a quarter of their heat through attic and roof spaces1. ROCKWOOL loft insulation helps to reduce this.

Our range is made from premium stone wool, providing a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to maintaining consistent temperatures.

Learn all about it – and discover which ROCKWOOL product is right for your new build or  renovation project.

Loft Insulation Products

Why do we need loft insulation?

As heat normally rises, uninsulated lofts and attics are prime places where it can escape from a building. Cold air can also easily enter. 

The short-term solution? Turn up the heat in the winter – and put the aircon on in the summer. 

However, this wastes a lot of energy and leads to bigger heating and electric bills – as well as having a negative impact on the environment.

Installing loft insulation in the loft space, both between and over the joists, can combat this - helping keeping the heat in and the cold out. 


Premium stone wool insulation helps to:

  • Make buildings more energy efficient
  • Keep homes warmer during winter and cooler during summer 
  • Improve a building’s carbon footprint

High quality ROCKWOOL stone wool can last the lifetime of a building 2 3, passing on the savings to the people who live and work in those spaces for decades to come.

Through the relative high density and volume in combination with the closed layer, ROCKWOOL loft insulation also improves the acoustic performance of the floor – reducing external sounds coming into your sleeping room and providing peace of mind.
The intrinsic good fire performance and high fire resistance will further set your mind at ease.

Roger Peeters

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group
The effect of the installation can be felt immediately. No more cold draughts through cracks in the ceiling, or the uncomfortable feeling of a cold surface.

Roger Peeters

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

Financial support

Financial support is currently available for eligible buildings and households through a home energy grant for loft insulation.

Visit Simple Energy Advice to find out more. 

Check the Energy Savings Trust website to see whether there are any additional financial support schemes available for loft insulation.

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