Metal stud walls can be used to separate spaces in commercial buildings such as offices and hospitals – as well as residential constructions like apartment blocks. A metal frame is built to form a partition wall, offering flexibility to the layout of the space. 

Stone wool metal stud wall insulation can improve fire safety, boost energy efficiency and enhance soundproofing capabilities, forming a safe and comfortable living or work environment. 

Discover the possibilities, benefits and applications offered by ROCKWOOL solutions. 

Metal Stud Wall Insulation Products

Why do we need metal stud wall insulation?

A metal stud wall can help achieve an architect’s interior design vision, with the ability to apply plasterboard and paint finishes to suit a room’s aesthetics.  

Effective metal stud wall insulation can act to reduce the sound transfer between neighbouring spaces and minimise the risk of fire spreading. 

This second point is especially important when a metal stud wall is installed adjacent to a designated escape route.

Calculator and savings

Our products are designed to bring comfort and safety to both residential dwellings and commercial buildings through their acoustic absorption and fire resilient properties.

Made from robust stone wool, the insulation will last the lifetime of the building where it is installed – making it a great value investment. The material can also be removed and reused if the property is demolished or renovated.  

The amount of insulation you need will depend on the surface area of the wall and the thickness of the gap being filled. 

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Due to the high level of flexibility in the layout and high requirements regarding fire safety and sound proofing partition walls, stone wool insulation can easily meet the performance you are looking for.

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Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group
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Download our interactive insulation specification guide

Financial support

Check the Energy Savings Trust website to see whether there are any financial support schemes available for metal stud wall insulation.

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