Effective pitched roof insulation offers additional thermal comfort, sound protection and exceptional fire resilience, making it ideal for residential and commercial properties.

Our products are made from premium-quality stone wool, with solutions available for pitched roof insulation below, between and over rafters. We offer high-performance systems for homes and businesses.

Pitched Roof Insulation Products

Why do we need pitched roof insulation?

With a quarter of all heat being lost through the roof of an uninsulated home1, poor insulation can be costly for property owners and tenants. 

As pitched roofs are among the most popular construction methods of today, proper insulation is required to reduce fuel costs and enhance efficiency in both domestic properties and commercial buildings. 

With insulation installed below, above and between the rafters of a pitched roof, more useable and habitable space can also be created in the home or building2

As noise pollution continues to become a major problem in towns and cities meanwhile, properly insulated pitched roofs can help to create a peaceful living environment. 


Our products help to:

  • Conserve energy – and reduce bills
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Prevent heat loss
  • Provide fire protection


With ROCKWOOL pitched roof insulation, your building is protected for its lifetime. 

Calculator and savings

Pitched roof insulation is an affordable and energy efficient solution for your project or refurbishment.

Use our U-value calculator to work out the potential energy savings you could make.



pitched roof illustration over the rafters
By installing insulation in the pitched roof area with ROCKWOOL insulation, you not only create a thermal barrier, but also increase the acoustic and fire performance of the construction. You also enable the use of the attic area as a living space – such as a game-room for the kids, an extra bedroom, or even a bathroom for your convenience.

Roger Peeters

Roger Peeters, Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

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