Key performance information for thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic applications

The HVAC Systems Guide will give you a quick reference point for assessing how each of our HVAC solutions performs in relation to thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic applications.

You’ll also be able to easily identify the ancillary products needed to complete the installation of a full ROCKWOOL HVAC system.

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Installation guidance and specification clause advice

Use the HVAC Systems Guide to access all the installation and maintenance information that you’ll need to work with ROCKWOOL’s HVAC solutions.

Detailed specification clauses will enable you to confidently design and install systems that comply with the latest industry standards.

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CPDs, technical tools and resources

The HVAC Systems Guide details all of the relevant technical tools and resources you can access through ROCKWOOL, including the HVAC Calculator for specifying insulation within HVAC systems and the FIREPRO® Solution Finder which will put all the appropriate firestopping solutions for the UK construction industry at your fingertips. 

The HVAC Systems Guide details all the devolved building regulations for England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland into one place, making it easier for you to navigate the appropriate routes to compliance.

To enhance your HVAC knowledge beyond what you’ll learn in the HVAC Systems Guide, we have developed two targeted CPD programmes to help you develop your skills. Find out more information on these CPD programmes, ‘A Guide to HVAC Standards & Applications’ and ‘EN Tested Fire Duct Systems’, in the HVAC Systems Guide.

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Download the HVAC Systems Guide

The new HVAC Systems Guide is part of a wider suite of technical support tools, including the ROCKWOOL Red Book and FIREPRO Book, creating a library of resources that makes it quicker and easier to specify ROCKWOOL for any application.

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