Acoustic wall insulation helps reduce sound transfer through both internal and external walls in residential and commercial properties, in order to enrich modern living. 

It promotes comfort and privacy, protecting people from ‘outside-to-inside’ noise such as traffic, and ‘inside-to-inside’ noise from neighbouring dwellings. 

For many years noise has been considered a ‘pollutant’, potentially causing psychological and other health effects1. Our solutions can effectively reduce its impact on your building or project. 


We offer a range of applications:

  • Partition walls – stud walls separating spaces within a property.
  • Party walls – cavity walls, timber and metal framed walls, lining on base wall; offering protection between dwellings.  
  • Cladded and ETICS Façade – insulation installed in façade and external wall systems (ETICS).


Read on to discover more about the benefits of ROCKWOOL products today.

Acoustic Wall Insulation Products

Why do we need acoustic wall insulation?

Quality, properly installed acoustic wall insulation can greatly limit noise transfer – from the outside environment, between properties and even within the same office or domestic space. 

Unwanted noise entering homes from the outside environment and adjacent dwellings can cause sleep disturbance, potentially leading to other health risks. Acoustic wall systems lower the levels of noise exposure to create a more comfortable living environment. 

Healthier buildings can have a positive impact on office workers too. Reducing the impact of outside noise and loud neighbouring offices may improve productivity and employee health2.  


Key benefits of our insulation include:

  • Protection against internal 
  • Protection against external noise
  • Enriched modern living, through enhanced comfort and privacy

Calculator and savings

The amount of insulation required will depend on the type of wall, its surface area and the thickness of the cavity being insulated – where relevant.  

With acoustic insulation for stud walls, measure the wall size for an indication of how much you need. Use our acoustic calculator to determine the best product for your acoustic requirements. 

When insulating a cavity wall, measure the gap and wall size for the best indication of how much insulation you need.  

Our products can enrich modern living through increased privacy and comfort. However, as all ROCKWOOL products are made from stone wool, its natural thermal properties also help boost energy efficiency – leading to lower heating and cooling costs.3

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By introducing sound-absorbing material to fill the cavity, it is possible to mitigate the effect of cavity resonance that badly affects the acoustic performance of the wall.

Riccardo Gandolfi

ROCKWOOL Group, Acoustic Knowledge Manager

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Download our interactive insulation specification guide

Financial support

Check the Energy Savings Trust website to see whether there are any financial support schemes available for acoustic wall insulation.

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