ROCKWOOL fire resilient solutions can slow the spread of flames, contain fires locally and stop them from spreading further.

Robust stone wool insulation is a key component in fire-resilient buildings, as its fibres are non-combustible and can resist temperatures above 1,000°C.1

The fire protection qualities of our products help increase the safety of occupants – and protect nearby buildings too.


Introducing Fire Barrier EN

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier EN is a passive fire protection solution designed to inhibit the spread of fire and smoke through concealed spaces of a building.

The new product builds and expands upon the scope of application available from ROCKWOOL, while streamlining the range to simplify specification and installation.

  • Tested to BS EN 1364-1:2015
  • Single 50mm thickness
  • Single or double-sided black foil facing
  • Up to 2 hours fire resistance – integrity and insulation*

*Subject to the application and fixing method.

Tested across a series of common applications, Fire Barrier EN is a versatile solution for a wide range of passive fire protection projects.

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Fire Barrier EN - Passive Fire Protection for Reinforced stone wool roll for subdividing extensive cavities.

Passive Fire Protection Products

Why do we need passive fire protection?

When building and renovating, protecting people’s lives in the event of a fire is a vital consideration.

In the year ending June 2022, UK fire rescue services in England attended more than 26,000 primary fire incidents in residential properties2 - illustrating the need for fire barriers and structural protection to ensure people’s safety.

Approved document B provides guidance on the minimum fire resistance performance depending on the part of the building* 3. The Energy Performance Building Directives (EPBD) now also demands to consider fire safety when renovating buildings 4.  

Products that meet and exceed national standards can help occupants safely exit a building or remain in a secure place to await rescue.

ROCKWOOL passive fire protection solutions:

  • Do not produce dangerous toxic smoke
  • Resist the passage of fire and smoke
  • Can help maintain business continuity
  • Help give occupants time to escape

*Depending on the type of property, distance from top floor above ground and depth of lowest basement.


Quickly and easily find the appropriate solution to common firestopping applications

The ROCKWOOL FirePro® solution finder, allows you to quickly and easily find the appropriate solution to common firestopping applications in the UK construction sector. This tool will guide you through simple questions about the construction and services which need to be firestopped. You will then be presented with a fully tested solution which is demonstrated through a 3D model, 2D CAD drawing and performance tables.

Calculation Tool

Case studies


The project

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a sporting complex in Stratford East London, housing a world-class digital campus: Here East.

Laing O’Rourke converted the former Olympic Press Centre into new office, restaurant and university facilities in 2016.


The challenge

Fire safety was an important consideration during this renovation. Fire protection contractors, Roseville, were tasked with solving the difficulties of installing air sealing and fire stopping products in the intricate building structure.

They chose ROCKWOOL seal strips and fire sealant solutions, using approximately 1,300 linear metres to reinforce the fire resilience of linear joints and service tunnels, such as fire exit routes.


The result

  • Risk of fire spreading minimised
  • Fire escape routes secured
  • People and investments protected
Olympic Park Stadium, Acoustic Capabilities
ROCKWOOL was able to deliver products with long-lasting firestopping performance we needed to achieve on this type of development – also being reliable and easy to install.

Arthur Nelmes

Divisional Director, Passive Fire Protection, Roseville

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The materials we use when renovating buildings must be sustainable, support energy efficiency and be fire safe – using non-combustible materials.

Fanny Guay

Public Affairs Manager, Fire Safety at ROCKWOOL Group
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Routes to compliance

Financial support

The UK Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme may mean you are eligible for financial grants when installing non-combustible ROCKWOOL insulation.  

Visit the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (ofgem) to see if you qualify.

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