Renovations often involving embracing energy efficiency solutions, as it is these that offer the greatest benefits to the homeowners and to society at large. Using stone wool from ROCKWOOL to improve thermal insulation helps reduce energy costs, increase the fire resilience of structures, and limit noise pollution from internal and external sources – and makes your home more resilient while dealing with chronic stresses or acute shocks. It also helps save natural resources and reduce the burden on public infrastructure, like electricity and district heating systems.

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Benefits for homeowners

From improving the comfort of your home to reducing energy costs, renovation can do it all. Renovating your home with high quality insulation will help you maintain a stable indoor temperature and humidity, save money on your energy bill and give you a greener conscience. With as much as 40% of green house gas emission caused by energy consumption in building, renovating your home is one the best things you can do for the planet - and for your wallet.

Case study SFH in Monza (Italy) after renovation.
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Benefits for building owners and investors

Renovating buildings for sustainability, resilience and a improved indoor comfort will not only provide benefits for the residents, it also offers benefits to owners and investors too. With a greener and more comfortable profile, property value goes up, maintenance costs go down, and tenants are more satisfied. In fact, it's estimated that investing in building renovation provides an internal rate of return of 5-6 percent, meaning it's a solid investment considering the comparatively low risk.

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Benefits for society

Did you know that energy efficiency renovation is one of the economic recovery measures that has the most impact? In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to secure local jobs and stimulate economic growth. At the same time, the potential for reducing CO2 emissions through renovation is huge, with buildings responsible for 40 percent of total primary energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to invest in renovation, we can bounce back from COVID-19 and improve our building stock for a greener tomorrow.

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