Credit: Karel Bingen

From nursing home to impressive apartment complex

Façade cladding combines beautiful aesthetics and economy for a refurbishment

The ‘t Bakenshof project was the renovation of a former 1970’s nursing home into an impressive apartment complex in the Netherlands.

The contractor wanted economical façade cladding while the architect’s design called for a rust-coloured appearance for the building. Rockpanel offers a wide range of designs and colours making Rockpanel Stones Mineral Rust the perfect choice. The deciding factor was the very quick installation achieved by the contractor using semi-invisible nails to create a smooth aesthetic finish. This reduced both installation time and cost. In addition, Rockpanel was specified with a self-cleaning finish to lower the need for exterior maintenance.

Since ‘t Bakenshof was a large apartment block with many residents including elderly people, a fire safe solution was essential. With European fire Class B as standard, Rockpanel met current Dutch regulations for a high fire classification (B-s2,d0 standard).

Renovating and uplifting the old building into a modern complex has given ’t Bakenshof new purpose and life, and tenants greatly enjoy their apartments and the beauty of the building.

These aesthetics are matched by long-term performance: by choosing robust low maintenance boards with a BRE-acknowledged lifetime of 60 years, this cost-effective renovation project will look fresh and beautiful for many years to come.

Horst, Netherlands

Project location

t Bakenshof

“The boards had to meet certain fire specifications. Rockpanel is already highly fire-resilient thanks to its core material of compressed mineral wool made from the volcanic rock basalt. Therefore, we advised the architect to use Rockpanel, which was eventually agreed.”

Patrick Bours

at contractor Van Wijnen

Project Data

Year 2018
Building Type Apartment Complex
Application Facade Cladding 
Product type Rockpanel Stones Mineral Rust