Residential area receives a new identity

Square Pastour is 150 social housing units in 4 buildings and located in Madeleine, in the North of France. In 2017 it was renovated with ROCKWOOL solutions, including a range of our products for external facades insulation and our façade cladding from Rockpanel. 

From an architectural point of view, the aim of the project was to offer to the occupants a new identity. It was the aim to infuse a new, more contemporary and serene spirit to the inhabitants as well as an additional comfort of insulation. 

Project location

Madeleine, France

At Square Pastour today, the inhabitants have a residential area with greater comfort, and an optimized thermal comfort and lower energy bills.

Helene Richet

Atlante Architecture, Associated Architect

Rockpanel woods brings a whole new dimension to façades with a wooden appearance, as wood, by nature is flammable. Rockpanel woods is like the other Rockpanel design ranges, able to fulfil even the highest fire safety requirements in style.

The woods range allows specifiers to design buildings with the pleasing appearance of natural wood, without the accompanying concerns of combustibility.

Although Rockpanel is more lightweight than other board materials and can be easily worked on site, it's also manufactured from the natural stone basalt. This makes it extremely durable, weather resistant and strong, as well as providing inherent fire resistant properties.

Rockpanel logo and image
The fire performance is amplified, purely through its stone wool fibres, without the need for additives.

Yann Horville

Southern Europe
ROCKWOOL, Business Director
500 sqm of ETICS (Ecorock), 5000 spm of ventilated facade (Rockfacade) and 1.500 sqm of ROCKPANEL wood/white cladding, sole supplier. Square Pastour

Square Pastour - Madeleine, France

Project Data

Year 2017
Building type Social housing
Application Ventilated facade, exterior cladding
Product type ETICS (Ecorock), Rockpanel and Rockfacade