Sustainable solution that gives a good conscience without emptying the wallet

Meet a family living in a suburban street in Glostrup, Denmark. Until recently, they dreamed about a new home providing them a good quality of life. Their considerations included the idea of a sustainable and energy-efficient house that is also future-proof in terms of increasing energy requirements. They therefore jumped at the idea when HusCompagniet suggested a future-proof house with the intelligent building system, Rockzero, developed by ROCKWOOL.

"It was very important for us to choose a solution that we can vouch for in terms of climate impact and the future of our children. And that was exactly what the Rockzero construction system could provide," the family says and continues:

"The economic aspect was also important. With Rockzero, we have a sustainable house with the highest available energy class and still it’s only a little more expensive than a regular house – and on top of that even with a fire resilient stone wool solution, so we can feel safe in our everyday life."

Meet the energy requirements of the future in an easy way

In addition to the fact that Rockzero is a sustainable, energy efficient and fire resilient system, the system also offers a wide range of benefits during the construction process. One of the developers of the new construction system, Hans Henrik Ter-Borch from ROCKWOOL Group explains:

"With our new Rockzero solution, craftsmen can look forward to a fast and efficient construction process with a complete system of lightweight components made of stone wool. The system is built on well-known techniques with an intuitive design, so the construction process is as fast as with traditional methods, if not faster."

ROCKWOOL launches a new, sustainable building system

Buildings account for a significant part of energy consumption and the need for energy efficiency in the building industry is crucial if energy consumption is to be lowered over the coming years and the load on the scarce resources of the earth be reduced. New solutions are needed. ROCKWOOL Group has therefore launched the Rockzero building system; obtainable for ordinary families, who want to contribute to sustainability while achieving a low heating bill and a high level of comfort.

Glostrup, Denmark

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