Forget the weather, in here it’s about the fashion

The same weather that makes Thailand one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations can be a challenge for business owners like Somchai Songwattana.

The owner of the Red Warehouse Fashion Boutique, located in Bangkok’s popular ChangChui theme park, says it can get loud inside his store when it rains on the metal roof, making it hard for customers to talk and relax. And when temperatures rise outside – to above 40°C in the hotter months and near 30°C in the cooler ones – it also gets difficult and expensive for him to cool the store.

To keep customers comfortable and lower his energy bills at the same time, Songwattana chose to install ROCKWOOL insulation on his metal deck roof.

The first to comment after the insulation was installed was his staff, who noticed it was much cooler in the hot and humid afternoons of the summer months and strangely quiet when the rains hammered down. People could talk without raising their voices. Then came the first energy bills and another benefit of the new insulation.

“Since we are open seven days a week and for long hours, the electricity costs from cooling the store can be quite substantial”, says Songwattana. “After installing the insulation, we’ve reduced the running time of the air conditioning while still keeping customers comfortable. I’ve managed to lower my electricity bill by at least 25 percent. All around it’s been a good investment for my business”.

Red Warehouse fashion boutique, Thailand

Project location

Red Warehouse fashion boutique

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“As an artist and designer, I bring creativity and passion into my designs and I want to share them with my customers through the right kind of ambience and atmosphere that allows them to be comfortable and inspired. I knew I could improve the indoor environment of my boutique with roof insulation, but I didn’t know by how much”.

Somchai Songwattana

Artist and designer

Project Data

Year 2020
Building Type Commercial
Application Roof insulation, pitch roof – metal deck roof
Product type Cool n’ Comfort RL920 (50mm) with one-side aluminium facing