Big energy savings for a bold conference center

High performing insulation meets strict requirements 

Ningxia International Conference Center is more than 70,000m² in size, and one of the largest convention centers in North China. Both the project owner and architects had high standards and expectations for the construction of this stunning public building, as well as strict requirements for its building materials.

ROCKWOOL FacadeRock was chosen to enhance insulation performance and lower the energy consumption of this landmark building. Since FacadeRock is made from stone wool it provides excellent long term thermal and acoustic performance, which perfectly meet the requirements of densely occupied buildings. Stone wool also ‘breathes’ to create a comfortable and healthier indoor climate for visitors and workers.

Ningxia International Conference Center will not only save energy using ROCKWOOL insulation, but also protect people inside the building. Stone wool is an A1 non-combustible material that resists temperatures above 1000°C and does not contribute to the spread of fire and toxic smoke.

Ningxia Autonomous Region Government, the owners of the building, were also impressed by the ability of the ROCKWOOL Group to efficiently supply in the local market and provide technical support throughout the project.

Ningxia now has an iconic structure, which is a blend of Chinese and Arabic cultural influences. Using high quality, durable and energy efficient materials from the ROCKWOOL Group, this premier meeting, exposition and performance center will remain a safe attraction for visitors – and an energy efficient building for its owners – for many decades to come.

Yinchuan, China

Project location

Ningxia International Conference Center

Case Study, Ningxia conference center

Project Data

Year 2015
Building Type Public Building
Application External Wall
Product type FacadeRock