Water management made easier with stone wool

Reducing local flooding with an innovative stone wool solution

In Maasbracht village, an outdated 60-year old sewer system required modernising to protect the neighbourhood against flooding, during heavy rainfall, and give greater infrastructure capacity. The project involved updating sewers in six residential streets, including their parking and green spaces.

At first, the engineers proposed an infiltration sewer; however this kind of system has a tendency to clog and requires high maintenance. Fortunately, the municipality to which Maasbracht belongs had experience of using stone wool solutions for water management in other projects, and suggested its use again.

Rockflow was chosen for its natural stone wool properties. It can absorb 95% of its volume in rainwater and then slowly discharge it through the ground or into a sewer system. Stone wool also keeps its shape and its texture does not allow small sludge particles to clog the system, which means it’s entirely maintenance-free.

In Maasbracht, the Rockflow water management system was laid beneath the village’s streets, resulting in no loss of urban space. Since Rockflow is made of stone it also has a high load-bearing capability, and will easily support the weight of vehicles above ground.

The Rockflow solution now buffers large volumes of rainwater quickly and effectively in Maasbracht. The robustness and natural longevity of this sustainable system will ensure that residents can enjoy village life without concerns over flooding in the future. And for the municipality, the decision to use such an innovative water management solution has been a story of success.

Limburg, Netherlands

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Project Data

Year 2018/2019
Building Type N/A
Application Urban Water Management 
Product type Lapinus Rockflow