Tomorrow’s school built today

Wood and stone wool reduce school’s energy consumption

F. Socciarelli required an extension to its school which combined efficiency with attractive looks and built-in safety. Despite rapid construction using laminated wood and a ‘post and beam’ frame system, the new multi-storey school guarantees efficient thermal performance for the building’s envelope.

To achieve this, the contractors, Subissati srl, specified Rockpanel: a façade solution from ROCKWOOL which reduces heat loss, decreases energy consumption and delivers significant advantages in terms of ‘breathability’ of the façade and optimal living comfort both in winter and summer.

Rockpanel also offered the right combination of aesthetics and sustainability for the school’s requirements. It is made from stone wool which is long-lasting, durable and fully recyclable, and Rockpanel colours and woods (which are a replica of wood), perfectly complemented the school’s design. 

Subissati srl found that Rockpanel was fast and easy to install, which helped the school to reduce construction time and meet a tight completion deadline.

F. Socciarelli School now benefits from A4 energy performance which makes the school nearly zero-energy efficient – a standard given to buildings with very low energy consumption. This is backed by excellent safety, since stone wool withstands temperatures above 1000oC and prevents the spread of fire. Both the thermal performance and acoustics of the school have been improved – which in combination help to create a better indoor environment and enable students to concentrate better. 

F. Socciarelli School is a great example of ‘building tomorrow today’. The harmony of natural wood and ROCKWOOL products give the children a safe and sustainable school with an attractive design that will perform well in the future.

Ancona, Italy

Project location

F. Socciarelli School

“We have invested not only for the future but for the present of our children too. To give them a safe place to study, play and live is a matter of pride for us. The school has an excellent level of thermal and acoustic comfort. We also have to recognise that we completed the project in less than 100 days.”

Francesco Subissati

Legal Representative at Subissati Srl

Project Data

Year 2016
Building Type School
Application Ventilated Facade With Wooden Structure 
Product type Fixrock 033 VS, Rockpanel Colours Bright, Rockpanel Woods Marble Oak