How the unique strengths of stone are creating healthier environments in hospitals

Located in the heart of Singapore’s medical hub, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital built to create a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment for its patients and staff. By harnessing the 7 strengths of stone, we found cost-effective solutions to almost every challenge in the healthcare space, from the economic to the ergonomic, and from hygiene to safety.

Better hygiene

Building materials in healthcare facilities should have a positive impact on the control of air cleanliness – essential in preventing the spread of infections. The thermal properties of stone wool also help to reduce energy bills for cooling and prevent condensation, creating a healthy indoor climate. This makes the hospital a far more hygienic and welcoming place for patients and staff.

More privacy

The all single-room design, a first in Singapore offers patients and their care-givers an unequalled level of privacy and comfort. Using ROCKWOOL solutions for inner walls and technical installations ensures the rooms absorb sound and reduces the intensity of noises and echoes. An optimal level of acoustic comfort allows patients to recover quicker and receive the privacy they deserve.

Safety first

In a hospital, the care of vulnerable people Always comes first. That’s why we specified our Fire resilient insulation. It can withstand extremely high temperatures in the event of fire, and slow down the spread of flame, providing valuable extra time to get people to safety.

Green initiative

Mount Elisabeth Novena Hopsital recently Introduced a green initiative, for which they Were awarde a Green Mark Platinum Award from the Singapore Building and Construction Authority. We were pleased to play our part In this success by supplying materials to Complement the hospital’s green effort. Not only are our insulation solutions both Sustainable and recyclable, but their thermal properties allow for better energy efficiency In buildings, resulting in lower CO2 emissions


Project location

38 Irrawaddy Rd,

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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

"ROCKWOOL insulation was used to create a peaceful and quiet place that is imperative for recuperation and the healing process."

Alex Low


Project Data

Year 2012
Building Type Hospital
Application Inner wall and technical insulation
Product type

ROCKWOOL ThermalRock S, ROXUL Bradflex flexible ducts