Energy efficiency that respects aesthetics

Replacing a marble façade to improve energy efficiency

A ten storey building complex for residential and administrative use in central Brescia was in a serious state of deterioration. Built in the 1950s, the building’s façade of marble tiles was damaged by the passing of time and the effect of successive freeze-thaw cycles. An energy audit of this historical architectural building showed that the façade had very poor insulation, with repeated and huge thermal bridges, resulting in low energy efficiency.

The building’s owners, Fondazione Iniziative Zooprofilattiche e Zootecniche, expanded the works to improve the building’s insulation and energy performance as well as future proofing the safety of its façade.

Designers Re_load in Brescia were tasked with preserving the original aesthetic look of the property, which required a multidisciplinary team including the technical support from the ROCKWOOL Group.

The use of ROCKWOOL stone wool for exterior insulation contributed enormously to improving the building’s energy class. In terms of energy savings, the owners estimate a reduction of 59% in consumption, with an annual saving of around €26,000. Stone wool also provides exceptional safety and fire resistance since it withstands temperatures above 1000°C. The ROCKWOOL Group even supplied cladding with a close match to the original marble.

Those living and working in the building have immediately benefited from lower energy bills and now live in a safer and more comfortable indoor climate, since natural stone wool ‘breathes’. It also provides excellent sound insulation for the building, which is located in a noisy, high-traffic area.

The building has gained a certificate of sustainability (Italy’s GBC protocol); the first in the region. It is an impressive example of sustainable redevelopment and is now used as a case study for students interested in knowing more about innovative ways to conserve energy, in this case, by 345,000 kWh per year.

Brescia, Italy

Project location


“We chose ROCKWOOL stone wool because it protects from fire, it is non-combustible and endures above 1000°C. Moreover, in the case of fire it does not fan the flames and does not emit toxic gases.”

Enzo Cattarina

Designer at re_load

Project Data

Year N/A
Building Type Apartment
Application Insulation
Product type ROCKWOOL Stone Wool

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