At ROCKWOOL Group, we’re committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy. Afterall, ROCKWOOL products are circular by nature, so they perfectly complement an economy where products are made from natural and abundant materials, designed for better and more durable use and can be infinitely recycled.

Following nature’s lead

In nature, circularity is the norm. All living things exist, die and return to life – sometimes in a new form – in a never-ending circle. Our products are made from natural stone, making it possible to fully recycle used stone wool into new stone wool – over and over again and without any loss of performance.

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Why circularity makes sense – especially in construction

By taking a circular approach – where waste is designed out and resources are used efficiently – we can create an economy that’s both sustainable and profitable. Such a shift is particularly urgent in construction, the single largest consumer of resources in the world that uses a staggering three billion tonnes of raw materials every year. Construction-related waste is also a massive problem, accounting for 36 percent[1] of all the solid waste generated globally. if the construction and demolition industries became more circular in their approach to waste, it could save more than 2 billion tons of CO2 by 2050[2]. That’s the equivalent of saving the CO2 generated by almost 400 million cars in one year!

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In 2022, we collected and recycled

of stone wool through our recycling services

We offer recycling services in

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If a product is durable, it can endure continued use over a long period, maintaining a constant performance. Our products are exceptionally resilient and long-lasting, keeping their thermal and mechanical properties for at least 55 years – and likely, a lot longer. A durable construction product that maintains strong performance throughout its lifetime does not need maintenance or regular replacement, and effectively helps to extent the lifespan of the building. It also helps to use less resources, create less waste and its manufacturing impact is spread over a longer period of time.

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Our pioneering reclaimed material service Rockcycle® is central to our circularity ambitions.

A key attribute of our stone wool is that it can be fully recycled into new products – infinitely, and without any loss in performance. As a company that aspires to take responsibility for its own resources, we do not, however, simply rely on our products being ‘recyclable’. In 2022, we expanded our Rockcycle® reclaimed material service offering to two new countries Romania and Finland and increased the volume of reclaimed material that was recycled by 25 percent.  We are very proud to say that we offer Rockcycle® in 19 countries by 2022 and are on track to meet our long term goal to offer the services in 30 countries by 2030.

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Building an eco-system with other industries

The technologies that create our products also enable us to use waste from other industries as a raw material. We recycle our own waste from production and we upcycle secondary materials from other industries. Cooperating in this way helps to divert materials from landfill and keep them in the economy.

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