20240115 RW-GMC PROFILE 382

Carsten Kähler

Not independent according to the corporate governance recommendations

23 September 1980

Other positions related to the company
Member of the Kähler Family Meeting

Positions in other Danish companies

Other positions
Member of the Board of the Fahu Foundation, Denmark

Re-election motivation and competences  
Carsten Kähler has competencies and experience gained within both global and Danish legal and accounting companies that are useful in general Board work. He has a close relationship with major shareholders.  

Remuneration for 2023/2024 as determined by the general meeting April 2023  
Other members of the Board DKK 400,000

2019-2021 Tax Manager, Deloitte Tax and Legal, Denmark
2017-2019 Chief Operating Officer, Seger Group, New Zealand
2013-2017 Own investments and forestry, Denmark
2012-2013 Tax Manager, Accura Tax, Denmark
2011-2012 Assistant attorney (Advokatfuldmægtig), Accura Advokatpartnerselskab, Denmark
2008-2011 Tax Consultant, Ernst & Young, Denmark
2012 Attorney (Advokat) with the Danish Bar and Law Society (currently the license is deposited with the Danish Ministry of Justice)
2007 Cand.Jur, Copenhagen University, Denmark