Our insulation offers solutions for all construction types including ceilings, ground/base floors, and separating floors. Ground floor insulation delivers thermal performance within the building, helping to maintain a comfortable living environment. 

Insulation of separating floors and ceilings provides protection from airborne noise and is frequently used as acoustic insulation. Being made from stone wool, ROCKWOOL insulation is also non-combustible which means that it will prevent the spread of fire.

Acoustic ceiling are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable spaces. Easy to install and durable, they protect people from noise and the spread of fire. Unwanted sound can have an adverse effect on our daily life. Depending on the final building use, the right acoustic environment promotes efficiency, learning, speedy recovery and improved living consitions. Highly sound-absorbent ceilings improve in-room acoustics and also help reduce the distracting sounds of distant voices, machinery and busy corridor footstep traffic. Sound insulating ceilings also contribute to higher confidentiality and privacy.

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