ROCKWOOL launches "By Nature" brand position

November 8, 2022

Coinciding with COP27 climate conference, the launch campaign is anchored around an emotional hero film – that plays backwards.

ROCKWOOL Group launches its new “By Nature” brand positioning with a hero film directed by award-winning director, Martin Aamund. Playing backwards, the emotional story of one woman’s life conveys six “inherent properties” of ROCKWOOL’s stone wool insulation products. The positioning, film and campaign elements result from a year-long, strategy-led creative partnership with Accenture Song in Copenhagen.

Watch the film here.

Six naturally occurring inherent properties
“By Nature” has been developed to convey the inherent properties that naturally occur in stone wool’s raw source material, basalt rock. As the key material in all ROCKWOOL products, stone wool is circular, breathable, moisture resistant, sound absorbent, durable and fire safe. These inherent properties help create healthy built environments for people and the planet – “by nature”.

Responsibility that goes unseen
The new positioning is geared towards home and building owners, architects, specifiers and other building professionals, and asks these “gatekeepers of society’s spaces” to make responsible choices in terms of the materials they choose to use. The brand positioning campaign highlights the important jobs stone wool insulation performs in the buildings around us – protecting us, even though we cannot see it. As ROCKWOOL stone wool can be fully and endlessly recycled into new stone wool, its circularity profile is key – and the reason why the brand is launching the new positioning to coincide with COP27.

What’s inside counts
Played without voiceover or subtitles, the “By Nature” film delivers this message through craft, by visualising a woman’s lifecycle. It opens on her giving birth, before cycling backwards through her life to finish on her as a child, running towards her father, who marks her height on a doorframe. The highly human message summarising this strategic position for ROCKWOOL is “What’s inside counts”; the underlying message is that, as a natural choice of insulation, ROCKWOOL’s stone wool is also a responsible choice – for environment, fire safety, health and wellbeing.

Key quote
“Buildings are the biggest source of emissions globally, so the choices we make as we design and specify for them must be made responsibly – for the climate and our collective health and wellbeing. For ROCKWOOL, this means innovating products that cut emissions and waste, and that contribute to healthier, more responsible spaces. For building professionals – the architects of our homes, schools, hospitals, offices and care facilities – it means making smart, conscious choices across materials, treatments and finishes. Helping them make these choices is what has driven our ‘By Nature’ positioning”. – Mirella Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, ROCKWOOL Group


Notes to Editors

  • The “By Nature” brand positioning for ROCKWOOL launches at the brand’s headquarters on 08 November 2022 as a 1.5-minute film, plus digital assets.
  • The positioning launches in Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, the U.K. and the USA. Other markets to follow in early 2023.
  • Stone wool’s six “inherent properties” are present in ROCKWOOL products “By Nature”, because they’re properties of basalt rock. The inherent properties are circular, breathable, moisture resistant, sound absorbent, durable and fire safe.
  • ROCKWOOL’s purpose is: To release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.
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Contact information

Christoffer Schlechter
Head of Group Marketing and Branding
ROCKWOOL Group        

Michael Zarin
Vice President, Group Communications

Jens Peter Jensen
Managing Director
Accenture Song Denmark


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