ROCKWOOL Group announces acquisition of Sweden-based acoustic ceilings producer Parafon

February 6, 2020

Parafon to become part of ROCKWOOL’s Rockfon acoustic ceiling business, bringing together two leading brands in stone wool indoor acoustic solutions.

City Station railway stop in Stockholm, Sweden: Rockfon’s Mono © Acoustic, used by visual artist, Karin Lindh, to create the “Commuters Cathedral”

ROCKWOOL announces it has acquired Paroc’s acoustic ceilings business, which operates under the sub-brand of Parafon. Paroc is a subsidiary of Owens Corning.     

Like Rockfon, Parafon manufactures stone wool-based acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings. The roughly 60 Parafon employees are based in Sweden and Finland, where the company is known for its quality and strong brand. The geographic market focus of Rockfon and Parafon is highly complementary, which will create even better opportunities to serve a broad range of customers and segments. 

“Parafon is a strong brand with skilled people, products and loyal customers. With this acquisition, Rockfon expands its footprint into northern Europe and strengthens the position of stone wool with its outstanding acoustic properties to improve the wellbeing of people in offices, schools and hospitals in Europe,” said Parik Chopra, Managing Director, Rockfon Europe & Asia.    

Parik Chopra continued, “We’re a long-term player in this market. Indoor acoustics is a growing business, driven by a greater awareness of the impact of noise on people’s health, wellbeing and comfort. We look forward to growing the Rockfon and Parafon brands and finding new and even better ways to meet customers’ expectations with our products and services.”   

“With its focus on acoustic solutions, Rockfon will continue to evolve the Parafon business and serve its customers well,” said Anders Dahlblom, Vice President and Managing Director, Owens Corning Insulation Europe. “Owens Corning will continue to support the Parafon business as a supplier of nonwoven glass fleeces and, for a transition period, stone wool-based prime materials.”