Local kids get a ROCKWOOL package

March 28, 2019

A donation of office supplies goes to an organisation that supports vulnerable Danish children.

Julemærkehjem Liljeborg in Roskilde, Denmark

Three pallets stacked high with boxes of ROCKWOOL branded office supplies arrived at Julemærkehjem Liljeborg in Roskilde last week.

The Julemærkehjem is a well-known children's organisation in Denmark. Its five locations around the country help more than 1,000 kids every year between the ages of 7-14 years-old overcome issues related to bullying, loneliness and obesity and regain their self-confidence.

Items in the delivery included notebooks, pencils, pens, portable power banks, T-shirts and caps.

“Thanks to ROCKWOOL Group for this donation which will benefit the children at Julemærkehjem Liljeborg. The donated items will for example be used in our creative workshop and help us expand the activities we offer the kids”, says Henrik H. Bøtkjær, Principal, Liljeborg.

“As we pride ourselves on being circular and sustainable we didn’t want to waste all these materials. Our aim was to find an organisation within our community that would put them to good use. We were delighted to deliver the items to our local Julemærkehjem Liljeborg that helps vulnerable children throughout Denmark. We hope our goods will find a new life and help the great work that this organisation is doing”, says Mirella Vitale, Senior Vice President, Group Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs.