ROCKWOOL launches new report on upscaling urban regeneration

July 10, 2018

Cities leading way toward sustainable modern living

People on garden roof

The report, “Upscaling urban regeneration:  European frontrunner cases are leading the way”, highlights key learnings from successful urban regeneration projects across Europe combined with insights from experts in the field, including:

  • Detailed assessments of renovation alternatives confirm that a deep renovation would be the cheapest option over a 30-year period;
  • Improving the aesthetic quality combined with long-lasting materials is cheaper in the long run and can attract new investments to the renovated areas;
  • Building owners see an increased value of their properties while reducing operational and maintenance costs;
  • Engaging residents in the renovation process e.g. via “social contracts” increases the support among residents and can help to give people a new start;
  • Long-term planning and broad cooperation is needed for success; and, 
  • Properly valuing and monetising the multiple benefits of deep renovation should be included in project evaluation.

Based on inspiring case studies from four countries around Europe, the report features best practices for breaking the unfortunate cycle that can afflict cities struggling with disadvantaged neighbourhoods characterised by multiple social challenges, including inadequate living conditions and bad reputations.  The case studies show that a comprehensive renovation strategy comprising both physical and social initiatives can transform whole areas into attractive and liveable spaces and can turn around the negative trend experienced in such neighbourhoods.  

ROCKWOOL cooperated with BPIE and EIT Climate-KIC to produce the report.

To read the full report and other ROCKWOOL insights on urban regeneration, please visit our urban regeneration page.

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