Responding to favourable market conditions, ROCKWOOL Group is adding capacity in Poland and Germany

March 8, 2018

New production lines at existing manufacturing facilities in Poland and Germany will bring additional capacity to market already in second quarter of 2019 (Poland) and in the second quarter of 2020 (Germany).

Expanding the existing production capacities at the Malkinia, Poland and Neuburg, Germany facilities will enable ROCKWOOL to satisfy a growing market demand (new build and renovation) for non-combustible stone wool insulation, particularly in the external wall system and flat roof insulation segments. In addition, we are increasing production capacity in other factories through modifications to equipment and workflow that eliminate bottlenecks, allowing us to respond to evolving market conditions with modest investments.

ROCKWOOL Group CEO Jens Birgersson comments, “Demand for stone wool insulation is expected to grow in key European markets, and expanding existing facilities lets us add capacity relatively quickly. We are also making good progress on multiple initiatives to optimise and upgrade other of our manufacturing facilities to boost output and reinforce our market-leading position.  As we step into this period of higher investments and capital expenditures, we will regularly evaluate the needs and opportunities for greenfield expansions or acquisitions as well”.

The approximately EUR 175 million capacity expansions over two years at Malkinia and Neuburg will help ROCKWOOL meet the growing demand for stone wool insulation solutions in core European markets, which is being driven in part by the high number of residential and non-residential building permits having been granted in Germany and Poland. The investments will include new and more advanced equipment to increase output and create even higher quality stone wool as well as upgraded environmental measures (Malkinia) to meet more stringent future requirements.

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