Employee Testimonial, Lars Sorensen

Meeting the expectations

"My ambition is to satisfy the expectations of our customers for our products. It gives me a certain pride to know that what is lying there on that pallet is in good order and that it upholds the high quality standards that we maintain, particularly with regard to dimensions, fire safety and load capacity. I am the working environment representative on our working environment committee and therefore I am especially aware that our machinery must run safely and effectively."

Managing your own time

"My colleagues and I work in three shifts cycles in production, according to a schedule prepared by our planner in cooperation with the sales department. It feels good when we pull together and meet a designated order – on time. I like the fact that we are good at showing responsibility to one another, and that we have ‘freedom with responsibility’. There is no supervisor breathing down your neck – you have to manage things yourself."

"When a new facility is introduced we get drawn into the process which I think is good – cooperation is definitely the way to get the best results. ROCKWOOL Nordics is a place where you get the opportunity to develop yourself, for instance through the ROCKWOOL School I am regularly able to attend courses. These can be regarding packing machines, safety, ergonomics, IT or quality control. This continuing education means that I can constantly grow with the assignment."

Lars' role
Lars Sørensen is a production worker at the factory in Doense, Denmark, where he has worked since 2003. He manages quality control and product packing on pallets or for storage.

It feels good when we pull together and meet a designated order – on time.

Lars Sørensen

ROCKWOOL Nordics, Denmark
Production worker

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